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Thatcher Rite


 Jack Boal plays the Iron Lady in his original documentary theatre piece Thatcher-Rite. Throughout the performance, Jack highlights the most controversial moments of the politician by lip-syncing her televised interviews. In our busy lives, we rarely think about the impact of past political leaders have on the present. Thatcher-Rite offers a relaxing and entertaining atmosphere to discuss the complex subject of politics.

Before the actual day, you can see how much Jack has thought about his audience. You receive an e-mail warning guests that four people will be asked to join Thatcher’s tea party on stage. More importantly, you have the choice whether you would like to be selected or not. After a film setting the scene of the economic disparity and financial discrimination during the 70s and 80s, Jack Boal’s Iron Lady comes to life. The  costume designed by Corinna Francavilla captures the politician’s over-the-top sense of glamour with a side of chaos. 

The four audience members were asked to join Thatcher on stage, then the madness commenced. Jack displayed a clear ironic confliction between himself and Thatcher, and started asking the audience difficult questions on politics. The questions were interesting, and responses were mostly insightful, but it becomes even more so if you do further research on the creator after the play. The significance of the questions become even more interesting and inspiring, as many of the questions aim towards Thatcher’s discriminatory nature towards the LGBTQ+ community.

The performance is kept fun and light throughout, full of laughter. A perfect way to start a conversation and to reflect on what you stand for and what kind of community you would like to be part of.

Review by Ramsey Baghdadi performance seen on Thursday 30th March 2023 as a member of the invited press. At the Streatham Space Project:

Photography by Jenna Coombes


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